Board of Directors


SteveSteve Sisco

Steve is an ordained pastor, former professional baseball player, and is currently the Director of Staff for Baseball Chapel serving the Cincinnati Reds. Steve and his wife Karena have two children. He grew up in California where he learned to shoot, hunt and fish. Steve loves God’s outdoors and has a passion to use his life experiences to further the Kingdom. He has a passion to see men step up as the spiritual leaders of their home and then encourage other men to do the same. Steve is co-founder of Bloodlines, a ministry of Heart of the Outdoors.



Kevin Schweiger

Kevin Schwieger is the Cofounder of HisPins and Blood Brothers, ministries of Heart of the Outdoors. He is a pastor at Grace Chapel in Mason, Ohio and a former missionary with Athletes in Action who loves the outdoors. Kevin is a 15-time marathon finisher and a 7-time Ironman Triathlon finisher. His family has joined him in many of his outdoor adventures, and the many men he has encouraged have grown as a result of Kevin’s battles with God’s creation.


BryanBryan Keeton

Bryan and his wife Jennifer own and operate Big Tree Plantation; a Christmas tree farm focused on Christ. They, along with their two daughters, help families create Christmas traditions and memories. Bryan is passionate about family. He believes that every Heart of the Outdoors event brings a man closer to Jesus Christ creating a better leader, servant, and example in his own home.  Bryan believes that one of the most powerful aspects of Heart of the Outdoors is its raw authenticity.


GaryGary Howard

Gary is the Co-Founder and President of a successful IT consulting firm, Callibrity Solutions, based in Cincinnati. Gary grew up in Ohio farm country with a strong connection to the outdoors.  Gary enjoys anything outdoors, including hunting, fishing, mountain biking, adventure series racing, trail running, hiking, and camping, Gary’s wife Natasha, and their two kids, often join him in his outdoor adventures. Gary was introduced to Heart of the Outdoors through a chance meeting at a barn sale.  He later came to know Christ as his savior through the fellowship and guidance of Heart of the Outdoors. He now serves as the Treasurer for the Board of Directors.


DaveDave Browne

Dave has extensive experience in the non-profit and for profit business worlds.  On the not-profit side, he currently serves on the Athletes In Action Board, and previously the Points Of Light Foundation, The Anthony Munoz Foundation, and others. He served as Co-CEO of Luxottica, and CEO of Family Christian & Lenscrafters and as a Director of other businesses. Dave developed a passion for the outdoors late in life.  Heart of the Outdoors is a perfect fit combining his talents and abilities in business, love of the outdoors and heart for ministry.  Dave enjoys hunting and fishing of all types.  He and his wonderful wife, Debbie, of more than 29 years, have two grown sons, Doug and Drake.


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