Financial Stewardship

Heart of the outdoors strives to strike a balance between creating public value and managing the bottom line.  Sound financial management is critical to the long-term health of HOTO & it’s supporters. Our goal is to maximize the use of every dollar we receive in support. A large part of that maximization is allowing our supporters to designate where the funds they give are used within our organization. You can rest assured that your donation to any facet of our organization will be used for that explicit purpose.
As leaders and managers of HOTO, we are constantly reminded that we must be good stewards of the public trust. This ensures the resources of our organization are well protected. They are used efficiently to accomplish the missions for which our organization exists. We are also charged with making certain our management practices ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.
At the end of the day we take what God has given us very seriously and strive to honor Him through the use of all resources.

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