benBen Steiger –
President and Founder (Staff)
Ben Steiger was born and raised in Southern Ohio. His passion for the outdoors runs deep. His commitment to connect men with the One who created it runs even deeper. Heart of the outdoors was birthed out of these to passions. Ben continues to surrender to God’s call on his life. He sees how significantly everything in his life, family, businesses, gifts, talents, and life experiences have all wired him to serve his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



markMark Kuhnell –
Regional Director (Staff)
Mark Kuhnell is a guy who loves the outdoors, people and Jesus. He has made job and career choices over the years that were less about money and more about spending as much time outdoors and interacting with others as possible…lifeguard, water polo coach, landscape designer, hobby farmer. He is just as excited about an hour in a hammock under a large shade tree or working in his yard as he is about a high octane outdoor adventure trip. People quickly see his God given patience, honesty and leadership abilities; he is a natural fit to facilitate the growth of Heart of the Outdoors and in the lives of the people he encounters.



John McGuffey – Ministry Operations Director (Staff)


John grew up in the mountains of West Virginia where his passion for the outdoors began. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time outdoors with his wife and four kids whenever possible. It is these interests, developed in the mountains with his father and brothers, and his love for Jesus that fueled a quick friendship with ministry founder Ben Steiger many years ago. John has been “hanging around” Heart of the Outdoors for a fairly long time now… that’s if you consider, “hanging around” to mean consistently volunteering, contributing and participating in almost every facet of the ministry. After wrestling with the Lord for some time over full time ministry service, John has answered the call and is excited to see other men and families surrender the controls of their lives more fully as well.



Michael Bray – HisPins Regional Representative (Staff)
Michael Bray was born in Covington, KY and grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area. A retired police officer, he is extremely active in coaching and teaching others. He trains police recruits at a regional Police Academy, leads a HisPins archery club within his home church and serves as a range safety officer at many of Heart of the Outdoors Triple G events (Guys, Guns & Grills – Gals, Guns & Grills). In addition to serving Heart of the Outdoors in these ways, he has been extremely valuable to the ministry in organizing local HisPins tournaments, school visits and ministry partner presentations. When meeting Michael for the first time, most are immediately struck by his passion and energy. In addition to his obvious love of Jesus and others, he has a fondness for the outdoors, music, martial arts, motorcycles, aviation, and archery.




mikegMichael Gompf – Creative Director (Volunteer)
Michael’s love for the outdoors started at a very early age. At age 5 he began following his father to local archery tournaments, and competing himself. His passion for archery and hunting is still very evident today. In addition to loving archery as a boy, Michael was a creative child & pursued that interest in his college education and into his professional career as a graphic designer. He now combines those talents and passions in his work with Heart of the Outdoors, creating excellent marketing pieces and related documents that help HOTO reveal God’s undeniable glory to others.



NateNate Denlinger – 
Web Application Development (Volunteer)
Nate grew up in Southwest Ohio and has chosen it as the place to raise his own family. Nate always had a desire to be in the outdoors. His grandpa got him interested in fishing at an early age and he started hunting during his college years. God also gave him a passion for technology and problem solving. Nate received a degree in computer science and has pursued a career in web application development. While technology and the outdoors at times conflict, Nate is able to use his gifts and abilities to help develop web based tools that aid Heart of the Outdoors in their ministry.

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