Blood Brothers Guide Training

Guides are trained and equipped to lead the Blood Brothers Challenge by participating in a G.R.I.T. (Guide Ready Intensive Training) at Heart of the Outdoors’ headquarters in Morrow, Ohio. These G.R.I.T. weekends are the on-ramp to Blood Brothers for you church and a crucial step in Blood Brothers becoming an integral part of your men’s ministry.


This is not your average church or men’s retreat. Heart of the Outdoors strives to tap into the core of these men – to strip away the lies, agreements and resignations. We have seen the hearts and passions of men ignited through Blood Brothers – their fire burning hot and bright, spreading to those around them. This weekend is designed to light that fire.

Raw & Gritty defines the weekend. Guides will be stressed physically, mentally and emotionally – moving them to a place of spiritual vulnerability. They will have an incredible and memorable time as they are equipped to lead others on a similar journey. Having experienced the terrain, they will return home eager to take other men to unknown places where fulfilling adventure and life can be found.




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