Timberline Adventures™



Timberline Adventures places a group of people in an adventure-based experience where they are challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually, and are left totally vulnerable to the Holy Spirit.

A Timberline Adventure offers a challenge that takes its participants to a new level of desire.  There are no cell phones, computers, or man-made distractions.  The adventure will challenge you to the core and God will reveal His Glory through His creation in a multitude of ways.

Whether you are a participant or a leader, expect God to hit you in the face with the man that you are and he’ll reveal the man he wants you to be.  There’s no magical formula.  It’s all in the Holy Spirit.  He will create the change.  It’s up to you to accept the challenge, be vulnerable and let go……to let God……take control.

Timberline is based on removing the distractions of this world and giving Satan as few elements as he can to keep us from connecting with God.  When we step into God’s creation, the outdoors, we enter a place where God’s influence is impactful and unabashed by the things of this world.

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