Triple G (Guys, Guns & Grills – Gals, Guns & Grills)


Triple G shooting events (Guys, Guns & Grills – Gals, Guns & Grills) are competitive shooting events that appeal to both experienced and inexperienced shooters. They are fun, challenging and were designed for a purpose. They were designed to reach the hearts of men and women for Christ.

Shooting firearms is serious business – always – period. For the frequent shooter as well as for the first time shooter, there is a heightened awareness of safety and deep respect for the power of the weapons. Everyone on a gun range is on high alert. We listen closely to directives, we are hyper aware of our surroundings, we take nothing for granted as lives are at stake.

What a tremendous setting to reach those outside the church and to deepen the faith of those within your church. It is in this setting, and while engaged in fun competition, that we see the walls and reservations of many crumble – they are open to receiving the message that matters most.

After a time of fellowship and a meal shared, participants are challenged to consider if they fully accept the truth of our Savior and left to ponder how they are living out that truth. We take nothing for granted at Triple G – lives are at stake.

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